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Single or double sided print and laminated folders

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Offers expire March 31st 2022. Exc VAT

Folder Printing

How to make a difference when presenting your proposal

Printing a proposal makes a huge difference to the effectiveness of the presentation.
Print is lovely and tactile.
You can feel it.
You can smell it.
It makes noises.
It’s intuitive to sort and organise.
Your printed presentation will stand out from the others.
The printed presentation will hang around long after the digital versions have disappeared down the long inbox queue.
Folders hold the whole package together.
Flyers, freebies, business card, brochures and samples.
And the contents are easy to access and view.
Instantaneous, no lag or badly rendered images.
Even better folders are available in the most amazing variations.
Foiled, laminated, spot UV, embossed, double sided print, 6 sided folders, heavy weight card.

How can I ‘wow’ my clients with special finishes for my folder?

The first step up from a printed folder is to laminate it.
Laminate creates a special touch and look.
Soft touch is the most special and people love it’s feel.
The laminate can cover both inside and out of the folder.
Special finishes are often applied on top of a laminate.
The most common special folder finish is spot UV.
The gloss varnish used in a spot UV finish is used to pick out logos and add interesting effects such as patterns to the folder.
Nowadays spot UV is often applied by a Scodix machine; this has the advantage that the finish can be built up to create a 3D effect.
Foiling is another option for finishing a folder.
Folders often have holes cut in them, particularly to make windows so that parts of a folder contents become visible.
The name and address of the recipient for example.

What are my options when choosing a folder type?

If cost is a serious concern when choosing a folder,
Minuteman Press Stockport will design a sheet of 350gsm card that will be creased,
a corner pocket glued in and hey! Presto! You have a value folder that can be quickly manufactured.
Large print runs of folders are always best run using a lithographic press.
We can print small numbers of folders using lithographic printing but the cost benefits of printing 1000 folders will bring the cost right down.
Folders are always based on templates so ask to see the template;
this is the shape of the cutter that will be used to cut out the card.
Watch out for business card slots, these will be included if you need a business card to be inserted in the folder.
Folders are available ready made up or self-assembly.
The self-assembly type have tabs as part of the print that are inserted into matching slots.
They are easier to store because they are flat sheets of card.
However, the size of the sheet is usually quite big.
The ready assembled folders are glued together and cost more.