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I am blown away by the tornado of printing supremacy that is Minuteman!  

Mike Tindall. Grace Church

Very pleased with the new 'calling cards'.  

Veronica. High Peak Flowers, Disley

Very fast turnaround when no one else could help.  


Always a wonderful service - friendly family run always with a smile ;)  

Maria Kildunne. Healthwatch, Stockport

...pleasure dealing with Minuteman. Quick, excellent price & quality.  

Mark Rawsthorne

Top quality.  

Martin Bury

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Our in house designers are available for a professional design.
There are times when I think print shops are two a dozen, until I got a phone call recently and the caller says they couldn’t find a print shop. One customer travelled all the way from Macclesfield; a bit odd because I know for certain there is another Minuteman Press shop in Macclesfield!
Despite the huge efforts of the print industry to mechanise and computerise it's still a very person orientated industry. At the front end there is a sales team with lots of technical support required to overcome all the numerous printing technical issues.
With an abundance of consumer orientated online printers one might get the impression the whole process is easy and just a matter of drafting an idea out in Word. Online consumer orientated printers try to overcome the technicalities by having lots of printing templates to choose from. It's a massive investment for the on-line printers and suffering from the issue of designs becoming quickly becoming dated; design styles change from year to year. What's cool one year quickly becomes passé the next. It's also difficult to imagine how the customers can work out what the difference is between a perfect bound brochure printed on 130gsm gloss coated and a 160gsm wire bound brochure printed on a 160gsm uncoated. Without lots of personal interaction with the printer.

Print and Printing In Stockport

The number of printers in Stockport has definitely declined over the years.
I remember 15 years back, when we joined the Minuteman Press Franchise, there were a variety of printing franchises on offer.
Remember KallKwik printers or even There was another print franchise called Alpha Print but my memory is a bit vague on that particular printers.
We joined the Minuteman Press 'family'. Initially we were looking at setting up a print shop in Macclesfield. But, instead, we took over the Stockport printing shop. At that time there was a traditional lithographic printers within site of our shop overlooking Hopes Carr. The building, an old mill, subsequently burnt down under mysterious circumstances.
The printer in resident there has since moved out of Stockport completely.
I later found out that that particular printer had been assistant in a print shop further down our road, Lower Hillgate. Long since gone. on the A6 closed some time ago, we occasionally see the owners; they diversified into other areas such as web site management.
There was a opposite the main post office too but I don't think that lasted long.
There was a KallKwik print shop on Peters Street but it closed, moving elsewhere; I'm not sure if they still print.
There was a copy shop in Cheadle, called unsurprisingly ‘Copy Shop’, the owner retired and the shop moved to an industrial park off Bird Hall lane, Stockport.
Visiting a business park round the corner earlier this year I saw a printer had opened and apparently closed since my last visit.
The huge mill at the Portwood roundabout was home to at least one printers. I know that because their faded sign decorated the wall of the mill. I never found that particular printers, a distant memory of the mill business residents I suspect.
There was a printers hidden a shed type block opposite the main Stockport bus station. They came and went quite quickly. A common feature of many printers it seems.
There was a printers in Offerton a few years back, the printer got employment elsewhere and the contents of the print shop remained to pay unpaid rent I think.
It's great fun for me, to find old pictures of Stockport and occasionally catch images of print shops long since gone.
Printing technology has moved on and the investment required for new print technology and training in the printing machinery's use is too much of a step for many old printers and they close and often retire.


Top five tips from Minuteman Press Stockport’s design and print team. I have gathered five helps for you to guide you through the printing maze.
1) A key thing is to start with the correct size page size. This can be tricky if you aren't familiar with the Apps workings or the App isn't designed with print in mind. If you are merrily creating an image that looks great on screen but turns out to be postage stamp sized, it will look awful when enlarged for printing.
2) Keep important items, like text, well away from the edge of the printed page (6mm away). The print will be cut down to size and there is a risk important text will get cropped.
3) Find out about ‘bleed’. This is a really important idea in printing and if the App is designed for, for example, a social media post, won’t need bleed. If you don’t mind a white border round your printing, that’s fine we can manage without ‘bleed’.
4) Referring back to item 1, there is a risk that text will be too small to be readable when printed. It might look OK on your computer screen but… best print one out to verify all is good.
5) Top quality images are important in printing. Often images are OK for a computer screen but not good enough for printing. If you are ripping them using Google searches (as against taking your own photos) look for the highest resolution ones. Like 1000px plus. If you go down the root of buying stock-art images; usually there is no need to buy super high resolution images unless you are working in the professional market, designing a magazine for example.
There are lots more ideas that might help you, so look out for more top print and design tips from the team at Minuteman Press Stockport.