Stockport Can Handle This.
Together We Will Bounce Back

COVID-19 Poster


Bounce Back Stockport serves to offer two free services to support Stockport and surrounding communities as we all find a way through these unprecedented times. First, we are distributing a COVID-19 awareness and prevention poster at no charge to all businesses in Stockport. Secondly, we are providing a free local advertising forum to stimulate business as we overcome the economic effects.

Order your COVID-19 prevention poster using the form at the bottom of this page, or by calling 0161 480 0585. We will deliver them to your door, with no close contact. Our staff will not risk jeopardising themselves or your staff.

Please use the form below to submit your company’s special offer or supportive message in this forum at no charge. Just upload your logo and the message or offer, and we’ll publish your message in the appropriate category.

Join the coalition now to show your support and solidarity with the business community in our neighbourhood!

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How you as a local consumer can help

This website was created as a place for local businesses to advertise their services at no charge. It is designed to help bring the business community together and get our local economy going as quickly as possible. As a local consumer, our economy will bounce back faster if you participate and shop local at these great businesses. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts in supporting all of us. We are in this together and we will bounce back together. Join the coalition now to show your support and solidarity with the business community in our neighbourhood!

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Restaurants Image


Please view these partner restaurants’ offers and support these neighbors. Let’s plan to order take-out or delivery from each of our favorite restaurants whenever possible. There isn’t a more delicious way to show our solidarity! These companies are taking a big hit but will bounce back soon if we prop them up through this interruption. Consider buying gift cards to use at a later date to help get them some cash flow now. Remember to tip them well, especially for delivery!

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Business Services Image

Business Services

Your local business services rely on businesses to be open and operating to flourish. During this time; consultants, trainers, attorneys, printers, marketing agencies, travel agents, and more are struggling to find work. If we start planning to include these businesses in our Bounce Back strategies, everyone will win.

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Service Companies Image

Service Companies

Plumbing, electrical, pest control, service techs, and so many other service companies will be hit by the safer at home strategy to combat the virus. Let’s put work on their books, even if we simply pre-plan upcoming projects as things get back to normal in the coming weeks.

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Non-Profit Image


Nonprofits live on the community’s generosity. So much of the community lives on theirs. The “preserve your capital” spirit will crush these precious organizations and indirectly affect the causes they support. To those of us that can, let’s contribute something to protect the folks that do the most good!

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General Retail Image

General Retail

Retail isn’t just brick and mortar anymore. Our local entrepreneurs are no exception. Search these local companies’ offers for ways to safely buy local and keep them up and running. These companies are open, can accept pre-orders, offer curbside pick-up or ship products to your home or office. Consider buying gift cards to use at a later date to help get them some cash flow now.

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Hotels Image


When travel dried up, this industry felt it immediately. Look at these special offers to find local hotels that we can help by booking a future “stay-cation” or guiding essential guests to them. Hotels employ many of our friends and family, let’s keep our money in our community and support these vital businesses.

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Manufacturing and Distribution Image

Manufacturing & Distribution

We have learned a lot about how much we should treasure our domestic manufacturers and distributors during this pandemic. Investigate where locally manufactured products are sold, and whenever possible choose those goods!

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Communications Image


There has never been a time when communications, and the modern advancements therein, have meant more. Support these IT and Communications companies that can advise and train you and your team to safely work from anywhere. We need these folks now more than ever!

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Health, Wellness, and Beauty Image

Health, Wellness, & Beauty (1)

Health and wellness industries have been booming recently. These companies responded unbelievably quickly with telehealth and virtual workout options, but remain hit hard. From immunity boosters and virtual workouts to corrective eye surgery, let’s get something on their books.

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Financial Image


We have been reminded of just how important a solid financial strategy for home and business is amid the recent market fluctuations. Some are worrying less than others because they had their financial strategies in place. Talk to an expert now and create a plan for your family that shelters you in times like this.

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Please join us in the Bounce Back Stockport coalition to sustain our employees' families and stimulate our own economy by intentionally buying local!