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Funky Readers

Design Rebrand

The Stockport based Sunny Readers company tested the market for a range of designer glasses. The company then came to us to design an appropriate image. Having discussed the design feel and branding image required. The Minuteman Press Stockport designer created a range of ideas. These designs were modified and then added to a range of products suitable for exhibiting at trade fairs.

Branding and graphics for logos and promotional print
Design for exhibitions

RLK Engineering

Design Project

RKL Engineering, based in Stockport, were looking to expand their market into South America and needed a new brochure designing. The Minuteman Press Stockport designer discussed the design requirements with RKL; photos and text were collected. A page design was created. The text was imported into the design templates and arranged for proofing back to the customer.

Designing brochures for Engineering companies
Typesetting and proofing of magazines and brochures

Healthwatch, Stockport

Design Project

Healthwatch is membership based and needed to increase the number of members across the full demographic of Stockport. The Minuteman Press Designer created a new set of images, appropriate for social media and giveaways, suitable for an Open Day at the local Hospital. The graphics were attached to each product. For the most part, using full colour images that met Stockport Heathwatch's style guide.

Style guides and branding for design layouts
Design of graphics for promotional products

The Red Bull, Stockport

Marketing Project

As part of its marketing strategy the Red Bull needed a range of printed products designed to supplement its online presence. Included in this were menus for different seasons of the year and loyalty cards. The products were based on The Red Bull's standard design using a faded image of a bull. Menu data was supplied as a written document that was typeset and then added to the design template.

Design and branding of hotels, pubs and restaurants
Design & Print of menus, loyalty cards for Pubs & hotels

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Design, design, design. Minuteman Press spends a lot of it's days designing. Often the designs are relatively basic, laying out a quick business card, for example. Sometimes there may be a big technical element. For example, we are working on a business card with a spot UV logo included. Now with this type of product we are into layering and the spot UV and the main card will need careful matching to ensure the UV is laid in exactly the right place. At other times, the requirements are more subtle and will require some serious arty skills with nicely laid out pages. This level of design requires time and skill and will tend to 'costalot'. Thankfully Minuteman Press often provides businesses 'design on a budget'. Our design staff can work quickly and ensure the design will meet the technical requirements of the print process.
Often we are supplied art work that has serious issues and they have been supplied by professional designers. The designers are often not skilled in the artisan skills of printing. It can be annoying for everyone if the printing doesn't comes out as you expect.
Online printers try to help their clients by providing templates to finish their products. Unfortunately, templates quickly lose their appeal when your printing looks like everyone else and styles are rapidly changing. So, a template created in 2018 will look dated in 2019. Also, the range of products is so huge its nearly really practical to provide templates for everything. Occasionally customers ask us to copy an on-line design. This is particularly difficult, partly because the design will be subjective, images will unavailable. Colours are often particularly tricky... particularly as the colour will change when viewed on a computer screen.
Interestingly finding images is now a lot easier because of the power of Google's image search. However, then we have copyright issues. At Christmas, a customer wanted a particular image they had seen. However, the company who owned the copyright, wanted hundreds of pounds for us to use it. It was far cheaper for the customer for us to recreate the image in our studio. One issue we have is that the customers might not agree as to what makes a good design. It's quite subjective. A nearby graphics and marketing company produces (in our opinion) great designs but they tend to be unconventional, that after all is why they are so effective, but would probably not appeal to a customer.
Realistically, even the simplest design can be quite time consuming; the advantage of using a computer system is that it speeds the design process up and allows amazing effects to be introduced. On the other hand, a desktop App such as Adobe Photoshop requires advanced expertise to use it its full design potential.