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House of Parliament Christmas cards

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Calendar Print

What’s the most difficult part of calendar printing?

That is an easy calendar question to answer… getting all the dates right.
The printer who was ahead of the curve hit the headlines when the Government decided to add an extra holiday to the calendar…
at the last minute. Thankfully there are lots of calendar printing templates available on-line to make the preparation easier.
I can’t think how many times we go through our calendars getting our dates right.
The second most difficult part of calendar printing is probably laying the whole thing out.
One of our customers spends all year collecting photos.
The same customer has repeated his calendar order year after year and has got the design and layout perfect for printing.
No edits at our end required. Designing a picture calendar from scratch would cost you over a £100 if we were to do this in house.
It is very time consuming.

How many types of calendar are there?

For those who remember CDs… we had a great time making promotional CD calendars that fitted into the CD case.
The months were printed on square cards.
The CD case opened-up and was self-supporting.
It folded flat and were easy to distribute.
I was particularly proud of that iteration of our giveaway calendar.
The advantage of fold flat calendars is that they are easier to distribute.
One of our regular customers mails his calendar out, it is supplied to his customers as a flat piece of card and the recipients assembles it into a tent calendar.
The answer to the question ‘how many types of calendar are there?’ must be endless…
limited purely by ones imagination.

What’s your favourite part of designing and printing a calendar?

One of our most popular Youtube videos was printing and assembling a calendar.
It’s quite satisfying to follow the process from idea to execution.
The printer we use for this task produces beautiful quality prints.
It is quite a relief… not to have to apologise for print faults.