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Minuteman Press Stockport design and print of all types of form including online and digital forms.

We print colour forms, setted, numbered, drilled, perforated, double sided with different top and bottom copies. Available in small numbers.

Full colour forms and continuous stationery are available. Sets, pads and forms. Large quantities attract big discounts.

Forms Help

Whilst forms can be printed singularly as one sheet, traditionally they are printed as carbonated copies.

Carbonated forms or ncr (No Carbon Required)can be quite complex. There are a number of things to plan...

•Is the form to be produced as a set, pad or book? Sets are cheapest because there is less production involved but require more management at the customers end, like they will need storing in a box to keep them together.

•Pads, the sets are glued together to make a convenient package, usually of 50.

•Books are the most complex and are usually used when the forms are numbered. One of the forms can then be kept in the book for your records.

•Whilst forms are usually printed in one colour, full colour options are available.

•Printing a few forms using ncr technology is expensive because of the setting up involved.

•Numbering is usually in black but other colours are available, the numbering is useful for record keeping.

•Pads and books are backed with a heavy weight card; nowadays a shield is attached to slip between sets so that writing doesnt mark the next sets.

•A heavy weight paper can be used for the bottom copy of a set to aid with handling.

•Sometimes businesses add their terms and conditions to the back of the forms (in a lighter colour).

•Occasionally companies still use continuous ncr stationery, forms are joined by a perforation and run stright out of a printer.

•Sets are usually in pairs, nowadays, but larger numbers are possible, such as a top copy of white (this is standard); next copy yellow and a bottom copy of blue.

•Another factor is the pad shape, often A5 but other sizes are available.

Invoice sets


Invoice Sets

500 A5 2 part, 1 colour

No numbering

Prices plus VAT.

Form Design


Form Design

Layout 1, one sided A4

Digital version available

Prices plus VAT.

Colour Forms


Colour Forms

1000 A4 Forms on 100gsm

Single sided

Prices plus VAT.

NCR Books


A4 NCR Books

100, Numbered, 3 prt, 50 sets/pad

Prices plus VAT.



50 A5 2 part Pads

50 sets per pad, no numbering

Prices plus VAT.

A3 forms


A3 Sets

1000 A3 2 part, price includes numbering

Prices plus VAT.

Forms are the life blood of organisations, businesses and charities. They help organise the company, reduce fraud, smooth out the work flow, improve sales. Paper versions have the advantage of not running out of battery power or breaking down. They are easy to copy and have easy, analogue handling properties. Many years ago we had to use a sheet of carbon paper to make copies but now a-days special paper is available (ncr, no carbon required) that creates its own copy. Also, a dilute coating of pva glue along it's top edges causes the copies edges to stick together. Ncr products can get quite sophisticated: lots of copies can be produced with a variety of colours and paper weights. The copies can also incrementally numbered and perforated to make a tear-off version. A few of our customers still use continuous stationery, the sheets are joined to make a long stream of paper. They are run through a sprocketed printer. Usually connected to a computer. In days gone by computer systems used a similar format for programming purposes. The paper form can be replaced by sophisticated pdfs. They are created on a computer with boxes that can be completed on the computer. The form is mailed out and it allows the automatic input of the returned data. They are rather involved to set up and manage. Cloud based forms are now popular and digital media companies are outdoing themselves trying to imagine new versions of forms.

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Joining the party…
Celebrations, hospitality, parties, festivals, dinner parties, concerts… they all form part of the human races’ persistent culture to get together and celebrate! This week we prepare for a friend’s funeral, and the printing of an order of service with its music and words to remember John’s life. Tonight we join a group at the local hostelry (pub) and the plethora of design and print will entertain my designer and printer’s soul. Initially we shall be greeted by vinyl banners inviting us to join the fun with offers and news of forthcoming events. The pub is also decorated by elaborate signs to identify it as the hostelry of excellence owned by the local brewery. Inside, besides the usual notices regarding age and facilities, there will be at your table lots of menus on display, probably matt laminated for protection against grubby hands. Matt lamination is great because it looks good and is hard wearing but suffers from the problem of ingress of damp along its edges… inevitable as the tables are wiped down on a regular basis. Because customers avoid changes, few opt for the more impressive option of printing onto plastic. These are almost indestructible. The converse disadvantage is that they are more difficult to recycle. Also on display will be the franchise’s offers, special food deals; perhaps activity prints such as puzzles for the younger diners; the print outs will probably include some marketing information too and they will be presented as place mats. Feedback forms are another option with the chance of winning some deal by visiting the feedback web site. The last print I can think of in the pub (not likely to have over printed paper serviettes in a pub) is the till receipt which, again, will have some marketing info on it. And now for something completely differently… care homes. They specialise in hospitality, though their clients often more likely to be ‘captive’. Once again, the printing world sees a significant look-in, starting with the promotional materials designed to appeal to the potential clients and relatives looking around for a suitable residence for their loved ones. Certainly, at the care home we visit regularly in Poynton the print on display includes signage in abundance and large vinyl banners. Often the banners are dealing with a care homes major concern… attracting suitable staff. So the banner will be advertising staff vacancies and the location of the banner is significant because there is a lot of passing traffic and many local Poynton residents will see the banner. Inside there will be brochures, folders and flyers in abundance. There might even be a marketing manager, though this task may be delegated to a department at HQ. One of our Care Home customers prints off thousands of sheets of simple forms, for reason that would be clear to a family visitor, completing the endless check lists that systems demand. Meanwhile, in the office there will be usual office stationery such as letterheads, compliment slips and business cards. The previous care home we used to visit, had post cards for completion with feedback. Another type of hospitality is wedding and party stationery. The advantage of using your local print shop such as Minuteman Press Stockport is that the designs can be totally unique to yourself, no templates in sight. Many of our customers create their own designs and we print them, some customers use banners and we print those too. Design service available as always! Another advantage of using Minuteman Press Stockport is speed, the design and production is completed on one site. No risk of an item arriving late because of Royal Mail or transport issues. Today we completed edible labels for a local business, for popping on to cup-cakes for a big do. The labels are printed using rice paper and edible inks. Other events use balloons and the variations here are endless, large balloons, helium filled balloons, printed two colour, three colour, latex balloons, different sizes and colours. As always with a job like this, it’s best to order more than a few, small numbers tend to work out prohibitively expensive. Occasionally we print security wrist bands to allow easy access in and out of a venue. For more modest budgets, a simple waterproof inked stamp will do the trick. On a community wide basis, banners are very popular at celebrations, sometimes to be fixed to stalls, at other times, fixed to lamp posts.
As part of the organisation of such an event we print tickets, whilst colour printing is a lot more economical nowadays and many customers take that option; the quality is miles better than a simple black and white print. As part of a ticket system some customers use numbering and perforating. The second section behind the perforation is retained by the organiser for reference. Raffle tickets are massively popular, but because they are quite closely regulated by law, the rules are more complex and needs some research; checking whether a license is needed from the local authority, for example. Theatre tickets are also complicated, designated seating requires that every ticket is uniquely numbered; and where there are different performances, reference to the performance day is also needed. Colour coding helps here. Adding security features to a ticket might be needed at a high profile event, watermarks help. Consumers often reach out to online printers nowadays though this has its challenges, especially if a web site is not well designed. It easy to get a print job wrong and using a local Print Shop such as Minuteman Press Stockport helps because they can work with you to reduce potential errors such as spelling mistakes or missing some crucial information off. Perhaps surprisingly, online printers often present themselves as a cheap option but comparing prices will quickly reveal this isn’t the case. High street printers such as Minuteman Press Stockport also have the advantage of being easily accessible, during and after the design and print process.