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Design business cards


Design a poster

Our in-house studio will design a poster for you. This is a bespoke service, posters are created after discussing your requirements.

Bulk poster printing

Bulk Posters

There are massive discounts for printing posters in large quantities... if you can plan ahead and wait a week.

Poster and banners

Print posters for 'A' boards

Our services include the design and print of posters and banners.
Posters are available in different weights of paper.

Design of rollups


Rollup banners designed

Rollups designed. Printing extra.

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints

Turn your best photos into outstanding gifts.

Plan printing

Plan printing

Colour, mono. 6 hour service during the week.

Minuteman Press Stockport Printing of banners, posters and flags

Minuteman Press, Stockport, we design print and promote you...

Needing individual service? Looking for a fast service for banners? Need somewhere local in Stockport to print your banners, posters and flags? Minuteman Press Stockport will be able to help with all types of wide format printing.

Banners are usually made in a standard format of pvc, hemmed, eyeletted. Generally single sided but double sided banners are also popular. Rather than using pvc with can print nice big banners onto paper. If you keep the narrow side to about 850mm we can laser print the banner on paper and this will work out a lot cheaper than the inkjet version; inkjet creates top quality with intense colours but the process is slow and expensive. The alternative materials to pvc and paper is vinyl but I dont think vinyl is currently used, we stick to pvc. You may have noticed that banners placed outside can rip after a storm has whipped the banner to shreds.The technology to reduce this problem is called mesh banners, the material is like Shreddies with lots of perforations that allow the wind to blow through the substrate. From a distance, the normal viewing position, the banner looks really nice with a subtle matt finish that adds a distinctive look. Mesh banners are commonly used on huge wraps that cover buildings during renovation work. A few quick tips for those designing banners... try to work in vector formats, as produced by Illustrator and Affinity Designer. Other Apps such as Corel Draw will creates vector art work too; the massive advantage over art work produced in Apps such as Photoshop is that the images can be enlarged to any size without the deterioration of image quality. The second tip is, when working in black use 'rich black'. This sounds very technical but for those using the proper CMYK colour pallete set C to 50%, M to 50%, Y to 50% and K to the normal 100%. Otherwise the blacks on the posters or banners look quite grey. Posters work to the normal principle, the more you print, the cheaper the price per unit. Partly this is because the printing technology will change depending on quantity. Print one poster and we would opt to use inkjet printing, this isn't cheap to use printing technology; print a thousand posters though and we would use a full colour litho press, it prints high quality sheets very quickly. The set up costs for printing one on the litho press would make it prohibitively expensive.