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Boost your congregation by starting a regular outreach programme using posted cards.

The Royal Mail offers excellent targeted mailings at discounted prices with addresses they can supply or you can supply.

Church outings, pilgrimmages, religious holidays can be promoted using high quality brochures and leaflets.

We also offer design services.

Gift Aid envelope printing, give away items, banners and signs are examples of other products we print.

Church Printing Help

The best advice is probably to always consult the printer before starting a project.

Correcting art work after the act can be time consuming or even impossible.

At the most sophisticated level you might want to create brand guide lines or check the brand guidelines.

Because communications nowadays is multiplatform there is the complexity of producing designs that can be repurposed for leaflets, posters, signs and electronic media.

Designs that are produced at resolutions suitable for posters might start to get unwieldly for moving around the internet.

Church newsletters are best produced on specialised desktop publishing packages. The old Serif PagePlus is even available as a free (cut down) version. The church best invest in a more modern package such as Affinity Publisher. The new kid on the block, Affinity Publisher, isn't as developed as Adobe Indesign but doesn't cost nearly as much.

Producing slides for projection without using PowerPoint could be a problem because the slides can't be easily edited by church staff.

Eid greeting cards


Holiday greetings

100 cards, A6

Prices plus VAT.



100 Magazines

A4, 8 sides, black print, stapled

No VAT on this.




1000 6 sided DL leaflets inc design.

No VAT on this.



1000 A6 cards

Including design. Double sided

Print onto heavy weight card.

Web site designs

from £150.00


Be found on the internet

Sites are update-able by the client.

Posters & banners


Pull up banners

Discount for quantities

Prices are per banner plus VAT.

The bottom line is that more activity generates more interest. Currently there are far more ways of reaching out than in previous generations. Many of them are low cost. Traditional print media always trumps other media when it comes to effectiveness; it is tactile and easily transported and referenced. A flyer drop is almost guaranteed to create a response, though the response from 1000 flyers might seem quite low it is consistent. Mailing is now a very effective method of outreach, Minuteman Press Stockport will be able to target areas and supply addresses. Free advice is readily available to help setting up mailing campaigns. Flyers can be mailed, post cards work well and sometimes a brochure will do the trick. Churches, temples and synagogues need to make use of their various advantages, generally helpful members who will deliver products to their neighbours as part of your campaign; a building and surrounding land for the location of posters, notices and banners. The print technology is such that one can regularly change ones displays, to keep them fresh, current and enticing.
Printed media campaigns, posters, cards, flyers and banners, need following with digital campaigns. The number of platforms to help with outreach is impressive. Facebook is a natural choice to keeping a digital buzz amongst your audience. More instant digital media will help with outreach to a younger audience but it is time consuming and will a lot of commitment from your congregation. The digital focal point of your enterprise will be the web site and used in conjunction with other platforms such as Google plus and Facebook is an indispensible part of your arsenal.

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Changing The World With Design & Print

Its always interesting seeing things through someone elses eyes. Studying the North American print market reveals that the church print and marketing market is particularly bouyant on that continent.Print designers are busy letting church leaders know about the benefits of using print to increase congregation size. It is always daunting to start an enterprise from scratch but many individuals are expected to move into an area and set up a church.From my limited experience of this, cities seem quite good locations for new churches, temples and mosques. It isn’t difficult to conclude this because many churches are growing and duplicating themselves in my local main city, Manchester. Many of these organisations seem to think buying a roll up banner an essential part of worship and I wouldn't like to disagree, as seller of such items.Personally, I think leafleting is a good way to start. It is commonly held misaprehension that leafleting is a 'waste of time'; well, at the end of the day sales/evangelism is often hard work and leafleting has the advantage of requiring minimal personal interaction; not everyone is gifted with promoting a service using personal skills. Naturally, the leafleting process has to be undertaken intelligently, the design grabbing the potential viewer with a compelling argument; lots of leaflets will need distributing. Often leaflets are used as invites. It is annoying to my mind to be expected to invite friends, neighbours and colleagues to events using 'social media' when the best invitation is always the personal one to one and the printed invite is a perfect accompaniment to that. We print regularly small batches of high quality flyers using our digital printer for a city centre church. The church is gifted with some professional but unpaid graphic artists who create beautiful art work for event flyers. Fear not, if your organisation lacks such talents, our in house design team include creative and marketing experts who will be able to help you design impressive leaflets and banners. Banners are very common at churches, temples & mosques, usually outside and, in this country advertising Alpha course. As designers we are particularly impressed with the Alpha Courses investment in good design. The last rebrand with the question mark was particularly impressive, I thought, because it combined great design with simplicity of implementation. It didn’t need a ten-page design guide to work out how to use the graphics. Meanwhile, I got diverted from the USA link. One marketing strategy for new church, mosque or temple, (supplemented by a health wodge of prayer) would be as follows... Design an A6 post card; it would probably need a reply tear of slip but that wouldn't be essential. As part of the content there would an introductory event with an eye catching subject of a metaphysical, Alpha course style. Food is guaranteed to be a necessary part of the arrangements. Having designed the post card the recipients need selecting. This can be done through the Royal Mail who supply various delivery systems. They are already delivering in your neighbourhood so would be delighted to add a postcard to their delivery schedule. The postcard would be automatically over printed by a computer system that would target as few or as many houses you could afford in your area. The cards are delivered. Sales doctrine means they should be followed up, but the very thought of trying to contact your address list would be problematic and I personally think your time would be better spent working on something else such as going to say 'hello' to people or networking at local events. New visitors at church are particularly fussy and need careful attention. So, ensure they don't get lost and can easily find things such as the 'ladies room'. Signage is helpful here, even illuminated signs. Consider the long term too, will the sign require replacing? Maybe go for a poster with a protection such as encapsulation. Maybe a banner where you might have used a permanent sign in the past? Of course churches, mosques and temples don’t just use promotional material such as giveaways, but also printing to organise themselves. Envelopes for putting donations in; the envelopes are usually over printed with the church, mosques or temples branding and information for Gift Aiding the donations. Church, temples and mosques often print newsletters, some for promotional ends such as outreaching to the local community and others to update the members of the church, temple and mosque. Sometimes churches buy copying machines to do this, but this can be a poor use of time and money because printing brochures of this sort is quite demanding on digital print machines and the machine in the church office will struggle, jam, run out of toner/ink or even, worse break down. The cost benefits are also dubious... digital machines have a relative short shelf life and though a second hand one might look good value, it will also need an expensive maintenance contract. Social events are also popular at Churches, Temples and Mosques and for these, a set of posters and leaflets will be required. Digital printing of colour has brought the unit cost right down in recent years. Tickets too, and, modern desk top publishing systems can organise the numbering of the tickets. Adding perforations is more difficult! And, talking about tickets, many organisations use raffle tickets and they are relatively cheap to manufacture and make a profitable side line at any fund raising event. Branding is an important dimension in the outreach of the church, this will permeate all aspects of the organisation, signage, web site, banners and documents such as magazines and flyers. Minuteman Press Stockport can use its expertise to create an appropriate image for the church, temple or mosque. Probably the branding will need refreshing every year or so because styles like fashions change. The brand will be easily identifiable, easily used across a variety of media, useful in different scenarios, easy for the designers to use (or misuse!) and have that something special that will attract people.