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Weddings are amazing times and usually come with sky high expectations. From a printing point of view, we usually have the advantage of time on our side. Things are often planned months in advance. Occasionally, we have to print wedding stationery at the last minute; but that's OK too. Wedding stationery tends to be expensive because it can involve expensive papers and challenging design and print processes.
If one is starting from scratch; (that is, not using a wedding stationery kit) the best sort of paper to use is usually Conqueror. It is available in a wide variety of colours and textures with matching envelopes. In fact, that reminds me, when designing wedding stationery it's best to start with the container. The envelope for example, or the folder. Fancy wedding stationery can be labour intensive too with extra frills such as ribbons added to the end product.
Beyond paper we can add foils and embossing to add the touch of class. Taking a foil as an example, foils are available in a range of different finishes. The price for foil and embossing is closely related to its size. A smaller area will definitely cost less. This is mostly because of the block that needs to be manufactured before foiling or embossing can take place.
There are a variety of print processes that can be tried. Full colour print is best done using a digital machine. One colour print with a traditional litho press is probably not the best way to go, it works out expensive for short print runs. A retro platen press can be used for a one colour etched print finish.

Wedding Stationery

Ready prepared wedding stationery is a minefield

Wedding Stationery, there are two routes forward here.
Purchase prepared unprinted stationery from Ebay or a local craft shop such as Hobby Craft.
This can be overprinted by Minuteman Press but requires caution… the printer may not be able to manage the chosen paper.
You are best buying the paper on a sale or return basis.
It is also necessary to supply extras; paper will be misprinted as part of the preparation.
The third issue is that a printer will not be able to over print odd shapes or card that has been ready creased…
the printing machine will be jammed.
A commercial printer will normally print onto large sheets of card that are cut down as part of the production process;
this keeps the price of printing down.

The realistic wedding printing option

Commercial printer such as Minuteman Press Stockport normally start with a design and work on how the wedding stationery can be effectively printed. The three most popular options are, firstly, specialised card and paper stock,
secondly: embossing (and debossing) and thirdly foiling.
Embossing is usually straight forward; the key thing to keep on mind is that every embossing needs a plate to be manufactured:
the bigger the plate the higher the cost. Often, the only part to be embossed is a uniquely designed logo,
for the couple who are getting married. Foiling carries its own complexities, because foils are available in lots of different colours;
rose gold springs to mind as a popular choice.
Normally couple opt for the more straight forward gold or silver foil.
Again, the foiling process usually requires a block to be manufactured.
Recently the Scodix machine has entered the market and one of the specialist finishes it can produce is foiling.
No block would be required with a Scodix machine but, still,
the artwork is more complex because the foiled part is supplied as a separate image in a specialised colour.

Wedding stationery top tip

Paper is available in an endless variety of colour, finishes and types.
The disadvantages of using a non-standard paper include the time scale of obtaining the specialist paper and the extra costs involved.
The traditional categories of paper and card finishes include: wove… by all intents and purposes smooth; laid and embossed.
Conqueror is a well-known brand, they sell their paper stock in a matching range of colours, weights and textures.
The obvious advantage here is that everything can match. Including the envelopes.
As an aside, it is much better to choose and envelopes size before anything else.
It can be challenging sourcing the envelopes after designing and printing the invites.